6 Ways to Naturally Increase Instagram Followers

6 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers and Boost Popularity


How to get more followers on Instagram? This is the question that is ringing around the minds of several small and medium business owners who look forward to tap the potential of Instagram to expand their business to the next level. But the topmost priority is getting more followers for Instagram and it is not an easy task and buying followers will only inflate your count and will not convert them into your customers. So to help you get free Instagram followers, we're sharing some new ideas that might help you to get some quality and trustworthy Instagram followers.

1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has become a huge hit among fans and it is a great way to get connected with your customers quickly. You can create your own story in the most engaging manner about how you started your company, what are the obstacles you faced and how you overcome difficulties that almost led to the closure of your business etc. people always like to hear stories that are real and how people have struggled and fought their way back to success. So if you really have an ultra-engaging story, chances are that your stories may appear in the recommended stories section to be viewed by millions of people and you can get free Instagram followers easily.


2. Share Engaging Videos

According to a recent survey, 52% of marketing professionals say that videos are the best type of content that provides a best ROI and among all content in Instagram, 65% of content is of video posts. So the more your posts are engaging and has more likes and comments, the more people will look forward to read your post.

3. Run Instagram Contests

Running contests in Instagram can definitely keep your audience engaged in a great manner. Always try to keep your customers on their toes by providing regular deals and offers and urge them to take the offer or it will close in the next few days or will only be available till the stocks last etc. Instead of announcing a single winner, try to announce various prizes and make sure that everyone who participates goes home with some discounts etc.

4. Utilize the Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Hashtagging is another brilliant way in aggregating followers and building your business. While you are posting content in your Instagram account, make sure to tag your content with appropriate hashtags that relate to the current trending topics. This type of hash tagging will help in taking your content across a larger audience. Apart from tagging your content, your brand should also have a unique and reasonable hashtag in place. Say if your company is Dream Resorts, then your hashtag should be like #dreamresorts and not #dresorts or #thedreams etc.

5. Use Instagram Comments

Yes adding a comment on other users post will also help you in growing your followers for Instagram to a great extent. Choose accounts that have a similar kind of audience and start liking their posts and provide a descriptive comment about their post. If your comment is really good and descriptive, people will start looking at your profile and then follow you if you are consistent with your comments or if they like the posts in your account.

6. Schedule Your Posts

Make sure to be consistent with your posts in your account as people look forward to accounts that are consistent with their posts as it shows that they are dedicated and want to come back again to see for new and engaging posts.