5 Latest Trends to Follow When Developing an Android Mobile App

5 Latest Trends to Follow When Developing an Android Mobile App

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Here are the trends which are using the Android app development

Internet of Things apps

IoT has gained traction with the growth of wearable technology. Internet of Things presents immense opportunities for android app developers by taking leverage of connected proper android app development guideline. As the world is moving towards Smart homes and Smart cities, IoT-based applications are all bound to have exponential growth.

Cloud based apps

One of the critical advantages provided by cloud-based apps is the flexibility to adapt with increasing or fluctuating bandwidth demand with significant cost benefits. More and more Android app development businesses are opting for cloud-based apps as they offer disaster recovery, enhanced collaboration, and greater security. Android app developers are very well known about all the features about cloud and all platforms in very easy manners.

Location-based apps

There is an upsurge in location based apps as every business wishes to attract customers in the vicinity of their business. The GPS enabled apps can provide mobile app user’s information and promotional offers about the business which are in the close proximity.

Virtual Reality apps

Virtual reality was already doing circles in gaming community but in recent times VR has found application in E-commerce and M-commerce. The VR apps can provide an immersive experience with a positive customer experience. The growth of VR wearable devices is also fuelling the growth of Virtual Reality apps. It is very useful for the growth of android app development trends.

Artificial Intelligence

The machine learning is all set to transform app development. The technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are already making a huge investment in AI. Through AI retail stores can provide interactive apps which have the ability to interact with customers and help them make the purchase decision.

Android app developers are known all AI and VR in very sophisticated for respecting platforms.

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