7 Benefits of Android Application Development for Online Business

7 Benefits of Android Application Development for Online Business

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Top 7 Points to choose for business through android app development

Role of App Development Programmer

Swift and Objective-C developer rate is 10% to 15% higher than their counterparts using Java for Android app development in any corner of the worldwide. It clearly indicates that Android app development is cheaper compared to iOS application development thanks to costly programming technologies.

Rate of Android App Testing

  • Fragmentation is a big headache on Android platform, and it may lead to high cost of testing when carried out for a vast audience.
  • Cloud-based testing tools and virtual testing on true devices by some platforms/entrepreneurs have eased the life of Android app developers.
  • Another winning thing for Android is its low-cost devices compared to iOS device costs that enable Android app development agencies to invest on simulators/emulators and true devices for testing.

Cost of App Deployment

Apple App Store as iOS App Marketplace Google Play Store as Android App Marketplace App Store has its strict rules and restrictions when it comes to uploading your app to the store.

Hire App Developer Rates

The hire iOS app developers demand the higher pay scales than Android app developers. It makes Android app development cheaper as compare to other development

Design Guideline

Material design is a big winner for Android apps. Moreover, lesser strict guidelines on Android app development platform compared to iOS becomes the cause of preference on Android apps.

Open Source

Android app development platform is open source and free from any license or other charges while using Android OS. Business can run on any device supporting Android OS that gives a broad range of choice when a user goes to buy the device. Apple is a proprietary platform and compels everyone to use iOS devices only for iOS apps, which restrict the choices for selection and budgeting.

Marketplace Choices

Android is open source and open platform so offers complete freedom to publish your app in any marketplace supports Android app distribution.

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