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Basic Point to be Remember about iPhone Application Development

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Mobile Applications on our phones and typically they do not take up that much memory, but they still take up a great deal of time to outline, design, develop and launch. Usually, they take approximately three to six months, from start to finish, to develop; depending on the complexity and functions of the application. Let us go through the typical app development life cycle for today’s most coveted mobile device i.e. The iPhone.

The process of iPhone app development is definitely neither as easy as one might think. Developing an application for the iPhone is a five-stage process, where every step has to be carefully taken in order to execute a flawless operation.

Planning and architecture for your iPhone App

This is a phase of brainstorming and mapping of an iPhone application. A simple idea of what the application requires and its appearance is just a stepping stone. What other resources are necessary? Does it need to connect to an outside database? Pull or Push content? Questions like these need to be resolved to map out the app from start to finish. In this phase, the more it can be done in terms of functionality and thinking out the content, the smoother the rest of the process goes on. At the very end of the planning stage of iPhone app development, an architectural map and wireframes for the application should be made.

Step by Step Design stage

At this stage of iPhone app development, it is time to create comps (visual mock-ups of a new app or web design); implementation of color schemes, insertion of test images and the usage of dummy text take place at this point of development. Dummy text, or placeholder text, is generally used at the beginning of this stage and replaced with actual content either sometime during the whole development process or at the end of the design phase. By the end of this stage,  full design comps should be accomplished, which are going to be developed in the next step.

Development stage of iPhone App

It is time for iPhone developers to take over the design, so the iPhone application gets coded properly. Here, a variety of code pieces gets hooked together, including user interaction, navigation, web services, database integration and plugins for various platforms. All functionality is built into the application, complete coding is performed and all pages are properly linked. When programmers are done with this stage, the very first version of a fully working app should be finished.

The testing stage for iPhone App

This stage is one of the most important stages of iPhone application development because it ensures that the app works smoothly and as designed, databases are connected, and no broken links can be found in the application. When done with the testing, everything should work flawlessly so that the chances are at the highest point of success in passing through the approval process of Apple.

Deployment stage for iPhone App

This is where the iPhone app is submitted to Apple App Store and waits for approval. By the end of this stage, a fully functioning application should be ready to be downloaded from Apple App Store.

Final words

This was just an outline of how a typical Mobile app development Company cycle looks like, and it takes roughly between two and three months, depending on the application. But one thing is very clear and extremely important to remember when it comes to application development: proper planning is a ticket to success.

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