Top 4 Useful Latest Trends in Android App Development 2018

Top 4 Useful Latest Trends in Android App Development 2018

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Some of the latest trends of Android mobile app development, listed below:

1. Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are going to revolutionize the way we use mobile apps with a quick way to access without installing the app on your mobile phone. It will become super easy to use mobile apps instantly like usual web pages. Moreover, you would not e required to download the full version only a part required can be successfully installed. It will surely help in systematically install apps required frequently and one time.

Android AI-assistant

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been cropping up in many of our mobile apps either in form of chatbots or virtual assistants. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg with much more incredible functionalities waiting to be explored by top Android app developers and engineers.

Android In-App Payments

Online shopping has already become an integral part of our lives. And why not when online stores offer a wide range of products at different prices. Plastic money has become equally popular with such hike in online payments. With numerous advantages, it does not seem necessary to explain the advent of online payment across our everyday transactions. Nowadays, android app developers have been integrating the functionality across mobile apps with ‘Android Pay’ button for hassle free transactions.

In-App Search

It is In-App search, another master stroke feature from Google to fascinate Android users with most relevant results when even you are not sure what you are looking for. This feature also helps you to find anything on your phone. For now, the feature is available to use in popular apps like Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. But soon this trend will be seen across other promising apps with more advanced capabilities. So, it would be wrong to mark In-App Search as one of the latest Android app development trends this year.

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