Top 5 Best Apps That You Should Download Immediately

Top 5 Best Apps That You Should Download Immediately

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Below are the Best 5 most downloaded Apps List


TweakBox iOS is one in all the most standard smartphone OS within the market if not the most common OS. it is a really elegant and simple OS popularly famous for “getting things done”. However, we tend to all understand it comes with lots of limitations that aren’t found in its counterpart OS, Android. TweakBox is one such app such app that provides you with the liberty to transfer apps that area unit either hacked/modified or free or otherwise not on the market within the App store. significantly, for this reason, we’ve got given TweakBox the amount one spot on our list. It extends the functionality of an otherwise limited OS. it has the trust of 7 million and users so with none hurry, go and download it quickly.


If you had been searching for a 3rd party app store to install numerous apps which can or might not be on the market within the official store then Appvn is that the thanks to going. Appvn boasts a large information of apps business to various classes from games to productivity and far additional. With Appvn you’d be obtaining all the options of the official app store and far additional. What sets apart Appvn from different app stores is that the truth it’s on the market for iOS, Android, and Windows. Yes, you detected that right, it is on the market for all the key platforms, therefore, users will rejoice!

Honorable Mention:


If you like Appvn then i’m positive you will additionally love this app. it’s as amazing as Appvn and even provides another functionality besides that. rather like Appvn this app is obtainable for iOS and humanoid. It conjointly features a computer shopper.

The best factor regarding this app if you don’t get to prison-breaking your iOS device to use it. it’s suggested to use this app besides Appvn. make sure to visualize it out.

Top Apps Downloaded list


On the third position of this list, we have an app that was made by Google itself. though a serious corporation like Google created it, it’s not famous by many of us. we have a tendency to all have written photos from past days whose digital copies we have a tendency to don’t possess. we have a tendency to are afraid that they’ll be permanently lost as a result of aging with time. Well, fear no additional, PhotoScan involves rescue. simply take photos of your photos with this app and witness the magic as a top quality digital copy are created and uploaded to Google Photos in order that you’ll never lose them again. Check this out ASAP.


Are you a YouTube junkie? wish YouTube had background playback feature for taking note of your favorite music and podcasts whereas doing different stuff on your phone, then you’ve got stumbled upon simply the app for you. AudioPocket is sort of a dream come back true. Yeah, you guessed it right! It permits background playback of YouTube videos. So, worry no additional and continue doing all of your work whereas being attentive to some music from YouTube.


If you mostly needed the Samsung-exclusive feature of reading your eyes and ensuring to not turn the display off whereas you are using your phone for reading or different stuff then you have found the correct app. while it doesn’t track your eyes, it provides a similar practicality by using the varied sensors in your phone to notice movements. it’s a must-have app for an android user.

Bonus: we will be wrapping up this list with a bonus app for android. android users are aware of the method of development your device and the several benefits it provides! but, nobody is familiar with the process of doing it because it is also a little discouraging for the new people. Well, finally you wish not trouble yourself with the difficult steps as Bydia is an app that just about will everything for you with just the press of a button. So, be sure to visualize it out if you would like more from your Android device.

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