What to Expect from iOS App Development in 2018?

What to Expect from iOS App Development in 2018?

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The industry is enormous, and the number of iOS app development services and developers is also steadily increasing, to keep up with the growing demand from tech-savvy users. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that are expected to shape the future of iOS applications.

This has further increased the demand for robust mobile payment apps, especially on iOS.

On-demand Enterprise Apps

On-demand applications are one of the most often used apps right now. They play a huge role in making our lives more convenient and simple. Some of the best examples of on-demand apps include ride-sharing apps like Uber, food delivery services, and home services.

Location-based services, easy availability and secure payments are some of the reasons why these apps have soared in popularity. The demand for these apps is only bound to grow.

Enterprise apps are specially designed mobile apps that are used to handle internal processes. Since iOS app development is more cost-effective than developing web applications, several companies are opting for mobile enterprise applications over proprietary web solutions.

Cloud-based Apps

With advancements in cloud storage, more and more app developers are now working on creating cloud-driven, mobile apps. Dropbox and Google Drive are a few popular cloud-driven storage apps. These apps don’t impact internal phone memory, and advancements in cloud technology have made accessibility quicker and easier.

According to the Cisco’s Global Mobile Forecast, by 2019, cloud apps will handle 90% of mobile traffic. When it comes to businesses, cloud-based apps have a marked advantage. They alleviate the security concerns of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Since cloud-based apps ensure that corporate data is stored on the cloud and not on personal devices; companies can now be free of security breaches by employees.

Mobile Payments

For several years now, customers shopping online used debit/credit cards and internet banking to pay for all their purchases. Of late, with the introduction of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, more and more consumers are gradually shifting to mobile payments.

Mobile payments provide end-users with increased convenience, massive savings and ease of operation. For businesses, it provides a great way to harvest data, thereby facilitating an in-depth analysis of client behavior.

The Internet of Things and Smart Devices

According to Cisco, the number of connected devices will reach a whopping 50 billion by 2020, says a 2017 article on Huff Post. Connected devices will include everything from fitness trackers to medical tools, and even sports equipment, LED lights, domestic appliances like air-conditioners, refrigerators, power sockets and much more. And, controlling these smart devices will be made easy via iOS apps on your smartphone or mobile devices.

With devices like Google Home and Echo Speakers from Amazon, IoT adoption will become mainstream in 2018. This means iOS application development for connected devices will increase substantially and hire iOS developers will have to stay on top of their game, to meet the diverse needs of the consumer.

App Security

With greater emphasis on the need to protect personal data, one can expect apps with advanced security features to become top-sellers. An iOS app development company will have to ensure that any app they create not only provides users with the best UX but also ensures the security of personal data.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Apps

This is one of the hottest trends right now in iOS mobile app development. Ever since the Pokémon hunt craze created a massive stir worldwide, the interest in AR and VR technologies has skyrocketed.

While these emerging technologies are primarily used for gaming and entertainment, they present multiple new unexplored possibilities.

Augmented Reality is reckoned to be helpful in addressing several challenges faced by industries like healthcare, retail, real estate, engineering and much more. On the other hand, Virtual Reality is more focused on bringing new innovations to the events and gaming arena.

This trend has led to a huge demand for skilled iOS app development services that can create highly-functional and creative AR and VR-based mobile apps.

What Do These Trends Mean for iOS App Development?

iOS app developers have to keep up with the pace of change occurring in the mobile app market. Agile development is the need of the hour. Development cycles will grow shorter, and user experience will take center-stage more than ever before.

Industry analysts believe that iOS development is on the cusp of a massive change, set to target a larger scope and broaden horizons. While experts aren’t sure of the exact direction in which it is headed, they seem to agree that iOS apps will only get better and more potent in the future.

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